Welcome To Kombucha4Health.com

Welcome To Kombucha4Health.com

" Manchurian Mushroom, Tea Sponge, Kombucha Tea Fungus, Elixir of Youth, Panacea Mushroom --- its been called many things through the years, including "fraud", "hoax", "fad of the moment."

I wrote those words about 10 years ago and have to sit back and laugh ... even if just a little. Because, right now, brewing on my kitchen counter is a Kombucha Mushroom. And .. it is beautiful !

The Kombucha Mushroom is not actually a mushroom at all, although technically it is considered a ''mushroom'' because ... it is composed of a ''harmonious variety of yeasts, bacteria and fungus."

The first time you see a Kombucha Mushroom ... you may ponder your sensibilities ... "do I really want to drink ANYTHING that this ''thing'' grows in???" You see, in order for a Kombucha Mushroom to flourish, it must sit in freshly made sweet tea for a period of 7 to 10 days, after which time .. you drink the tea! And, save the Mushroom for the next batch.

At first glance, the Kombucha Mushroom resembles a cream colored slimy pancake type thing --- glisteningly gelatinous --- not a very pretty sight. But, once converted, you will be chattering about your ''babies'' and cooing sweetly to your tea jar! I know this for fact ... been there, done that, and I am doing it again!


Because.... drinking 4 to 8 ounces of Kombucha Tea every day makes me feel healthier than I have felt in years. It boosts my energy, fortifies my immune system, relieves my hot flashes, makes the hair on my legs grow like crazy --- and generally, turns back the aging clock ---tick, by tick, by tock!

How Do You Brew Kombucha Tea?

Its simple!

First, you boil one gallon of water in a stainless steel or glass pot.

Then, you add *non-herbal tea bags (enough to make one gallon of tea) and one and one/half cups of white sugar. (* don''t use herbal teas because they contain oils ... use green tea, white tea, or black tea -- Lipton''s is good, so is Tetley''s Tea ... use your favorite!)

Steep the tea, discard the tea bags and let the mixture cool.

When cooled to room temperature, transfer the tea to a glass gallon jar (clean pickle jars or sun tea jars work great!).

Introduce your mushroom starter or baby mushroom, and cover jar with a coffee filter, affixed with an elastic band.

Set the tea jar in a quiet spot, on top of your refrigerator, or cabinet. (I''ve set mine on my kitchen counter in a corner in between my breadbox and microwave).

Wait ... 7 to 10 days.

During this "brewing" period, you will begin to see the formation of your "mushroom" on top .. it will look like a grayish-brownish glop on the top of the tea --- don''t worry .. it will look better as it grows! By the 7th day, the mushroom will have spread across the entire top of the jar.

If you start your ''shroom from starter, your first mushroom will be thin. Not to worry! On your next batch of tea, add a little more sugar to your mixture -- the mushroom feeds on sugar and it will grow thicker.

Baby mushrooms form on top of the "mother" mushroom. When your ''shroom is thick enough, you can separate the "baby" from the "mother" and .... pass one along to a friend!


We have mushroom starter cultures for sale and full size Baby Mushrooms, as well. Both are excellent ways to start your own Elixir of Youth Tea. Culture and Mushrooms are sent Priority Mail, to insure quick, safe delivery of your new "friend." Complete instructions accompany each package.

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Remember ... Kombucha Mushrooms are living things, much like house plants, except they thrive on sweetened tea.

If you have any questions, please don''t hesitate to write: Mushroom@kombucha4health.com

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