Iridology and Reflexology. Two amazing tools available to us fools.

Iridology and Reflexology. Two amazing tools available to us fools.

Reflexology is the practice of massaging specific parts of the hands and feet relfex zones corelating to parts of the body, organs, nerve etc. Most people feel reflexology to be very relaxing, more time may be spent on sore spots and there should be no pain. The massage is used to increase circulation in the specified area and in tern bring nutrition and elimination.

Iridology is the diagnosis of ailments, disease, and heretitary weaknesses or strengths by examining the iris of the eye. As they say the eye is the window to the soul.


A complete iris analysis will show whether a person exhibits a generally good constitution or a poor one, depending upon the density of the iris fibers, The patterns, structures, colors and degrees of lightness and darkness in the iris tell if an area of the body is inherently strong or weak. It also reveals the relative site of over-activity, irritation, injury or degeneration of the tissues and organs. Toxic accumulation levels can he observed as well as nutritional and chemical imbalances.


The complex iris is composed of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings which are connected by impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system. The nerve fibers, or trabecula, respond specifically to tissue and organ conditions with a corresponding physiological reflex manifested in the iris as lesions and color variations. The iris chart, which is the result of many years of clinical observation and intensive research by Dr. Bernard Jensen and others, represents the basic placement of body organs and tissues similar to a map. An accurate iris analysis is possible by superimposing the chart over an iris image projection, allowing detailed observation of the valuable and reliable data recorded there.